MICROSOFT Use Word’s Spike to move content

Spare erased content in Word’s Spike for later use in a similar archive or in an alternate Word record.

Spike is an exceptional AutoText section that stores erased substance (and illustrations). Just feature the substance or select the realistic and press [Ctrl]+F3 to erase the determination from the present record and add it to the Spike. Rehash this procedure until you’ve moved all that you need to erase.

Word attaches erased substance to the Spike — it won’t overwrite existing substance. That way, you can expel content from various spots and embed the gathering somewhere else, as a unit. To embed the substance of the Spike, position the addition point (in the present record or another) and press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+F3.

Doing as such will embed the whole substance of the Spike and purge it. It’s a smart thought to discharge the Spike before utilizing it, just on the off chance that it contains content from prior utilize.

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