How To Add Pie Charts To A Word Document Without Opening Excel

You can undoubtedly add a graph to a Word archive, without first making the diagram in Excel. Truth is stranger than fiction, you don’t need to be acquainted with Excel to show a nice outline in a Word archive and it’s simple!

To begin with, position the cursor where you need to embed the diagram. In all probability, that will be previously or after a passage that examines the data communicated by the diagram. At that point, you’re prepared to make the outline, as takes after:

  1. Tap the Insert tab and after that tap the Chart choice in the Illustrations gathering. In Word 2003, pick Picture from the Insert menu and afterward select Chart.
  2. In the Insert Chart discourse, pick Pie in the left sheet. (In Word 2003, you’ll select a graph compose in the wake of embeddings the diagram into the archive. Right-tap the graph and pick Chart Type to get to the diverse kinds. Skip to stage 5.)
  3. Pick one of the pie diagrams to one side (we’ll utilize the first).
  4. Snap OK and Word will dispatch an Excel sheet with test information.
  5. Embed new marks and qualities in the Excel sheet and watch the outline in the Word record refresh as needs be. Make sure to resize the information extend as trained.
  6. When you’re finished entering the names and qualities, close the Excel sheet. You can spare it in the event that you like, yet you don’t need to.

instaLL office


office 2

With the diagram in Word, you can design it. For example, you can expel the outskirt or change its style or shade the foundation. Right-tap the graph’s experience and pick Format Chart Area from the subsequent alternate way menu. To design the arrangement, right-tap the diagram and pick Format Data Series. On the off chance that the legend shows a void arrangement, you most likely didn’t resize the information go (stage 5). Basically tap the vacant component and press Delete to dispose of it.

pie 4

Despite the fact that we made a pie outline, you can embed any number of graph writes.

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